Meet the Board

Barbara Rhode, LMFT
Founder, Board President
Red Tent

Laurie Lakhani
Board Secretary
Red Tent

Laurie is semi-retired from the hotel business, in which she spent over 30 years supporting her husband and children at The Dolphin Beach Resort. She graduated from St. Petersburg College in 2018 after studying Human Services/Addiction Studies. As part of her studies, Laurie interned with The Red Tent Women’s Initiative for 3 months, learning first-hand how substance misuse can derail a woman’s life.  Laurie became interested in the Red Tent Women’s Initiative in 2012 after reading an article about Barbara Rhode in The St. Petersburg Times. At the time, Laurie was a Guardian Ad Litem for the state of Florida. During the 7 years of child advocacy work, she realized the majority of her cases involved mother’s with addiction issues, usually brought on by past traumas. Laurie enjoys working with the women in the jail and hopes to offer guidance, support and a positive example to them. As a person in long term recovery, Laurie tries to share her own experiences with the women and leads a weekly Women for Sobriety meeting open to all women with addiction issues.

Joanne Wolf
Executive Director of Learning Engagement & Adoption

Joanne is a highly results oriented innovator with 30 years of collaborative leadership, operations, employee and customer engagement strategy experience in the telecommunications industry.  Her experience includes leading strategic programs to impact employee and customer experience working for large Top Fortune 100 companies including Time Warner Cable and Comcast.

Joanne currently serves as Executive Director of Learning Engagement and Adoption as part of the Agent Tools, Technology and Quality Team at Comcast.

Prior to relocating to Florida in 2018, Joanne was involved with several non-profit organizations including Dress For Success, and The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio..

Joanne is passionate about giving of her time, talents and gifts to support programs in her community that serve vulnerable woman and children.  The mission to expand the footprint and impact of the Red Tent to serve women in every jail across the country is what attracted Joanne to Red Tent.

We all have the opportunity to make a difference, Joanne believes that Red Tent truly makes a difference in the lives of the women we serve. Working with a passionate team of women to support women is a rewarding experience!

Elizabeth “Libby” G. Bourlon
CPA/Attorney at Law
Bourlon & Lucas Law, PLLC

Libby is a licensed Florida Attorney and Certified Public Accountant, and operates her practices in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She has been on the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations in Pinellas County in past years, and continues to serve the community as a member of Red Tent’s board.

Sarah Bailie
Guardian Ad Litum

Sarah Bailie is an educator by training, but her career focus has been primarily centered around working to serve young children and young adult women. Her work has taken her to various areas in the United States as well as to both China and South Africa, where she served children and young adult women through programs that focused on educational and life skills training. Her passion is to find ways to educate through learning and skills that can ultimately assist these children and women in conquering the cycles of poverty. In the United States, she worked in the classroom for three years in addition to the overseas programs while she worked on furthering her education in counseling then shifting her focus to children in the foster care system in Florida. For the past several years, she has worked closely with foster children and their families desiring to assist in helping young women find stability to be able to reunify them with their children.

Currently, she serves as a Guardian Ad Litem for the State of Florida, sits on the board of several charities serving young women in crises. As a mother of two children, wife of an entrepreneur, an educator, and a counselor, she sees her role as fighting for children and women to emerge from the shackles of trauma and poverty to thrive in ways they could not imagine for themselves and their families.

Meg Hogan

Meg Hogan
HeartMath Certified Master Trainer 
Build Resilience

A 30-year business entrepreneur, building start-ups to multi-million dollar companies, Meg Hogan, is recognized for inspiring healthy and productive teams. With keen awareness of the bottom line, and a passion for people, Meg’s business leadership experience proves the health of a company is mirrored by the health of the workforce. Through experiential workshops and individual coaching, Meg teaches simple science-based resilience building techniques. These techniques can be practiced anytime, anywhere, to diminish toxicity of stress, empowering individuals and groups to thrive in environments of change, challenge and adversity. Founder of Build Resilience, Meg is a Certified HeartMath® Trainer, Certified HeartMath® Coach / Advisor, Certified HeartMath® Activating the Heart of Teams Facilitator, and Master Trainer for the HeartMath® Institute.

‘My passion is empowering people to live more joy-filled lives. Most of our stress revolves around our jobs, finances and family. I am thrilled to offer a means to counteract the physical, mental and emotional consequences of stress, and bring our best self to all aspects of our life.’

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