Diane Distelcamp
Sewing Instructor

Diane is a physical therapist who is highly skilled in all forms of sewing and needlework. She has been sewing and embroidering since childhood, starting off making clothes for Barbie dolls, and working up to designing her own clothing. She will tackle anything from bathing suits to winter coats however currently she sews mostly fun things, like purses, decorative boxes and quilts.   She’s a member of the Embroiders Guild of America and past president of the Lagniappe chapter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She learned to quilt in the Catskill mountain region of New York.  She’s found that practicing the art of hand sewing is creative and stress relieving, bringing serenity and quietness to tangled thoughts.  Diane teaches our participants hand sewing, embroidery, and wrestling with sewing machines on Wednesday and Thursday.  The level of creativity that she sees among the participants is astounding.

Marti Zeitz
Family Therapist

I am Marti Zeitz, LMHC. I have a Masters in Counseling from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. My private practice office is on 16th St N in St Petersburg. I have been in private practice for 10 years and for 15 years prior to that I have worked at various agencies as a clinician. Red Tent women are able to come to me after release from incarceration for individual counseling if they choose to do so. They do not have to pay a fee because a funding source provides payment for my work. I really love working with “my” Red Tent clients! Their resilience and strength are awe-inspiring to me! I believe in the mission and spirit of Red Tent. Being able to play a small part in fulfilling its mission is a true source of joy for me.