With your support, a life of trauma can become one of hope

For far too many women in Florida, early life trauma has led to a life of substance abuse as a way to cope with deep-rooted fear, anger and anxiety. This choice often leads to incarceration, where these women face more untreated trauma that can destroy hope for a normal life upon release.

Through the Red Tent Women’s Initiative, over 1,000 women facing these struggles have been given new hope. A nurturing environment of women helping women provides trauma-informed care through a therapist. Upon release, women in this program gain the ability to reenter society emotionally prepared to begin a new, more productive life.

With your help, the Red Tent Women’s Initiative can expand this vital recovery program, to help more incarcerated women. For these women, their children and families, supporters like you are the reason for life-changing hope and healing.

On behalf of every woman whose life will be touched by your help, thank you for your tax-deductible year end gift today.