How To Help

How to help video still

Here’s how you can support the services Red Tent provides to lifting up women.

Financial Support

The generous support of our donors allows us to administer the in jail program and then continue to work with the women once they are released. Research has shown that recidivism is strongly impacted when an in jail program is coupled with the aftercare program. Your dollars allow us to do both. Just click on the “donate” button above to make your donation. Thank you so much.

Non-Monetary Donations

Needed items can be ordered and shipped directly to Red Tent using the button below:


You can personally assist Red Tent in our mission with your time and talents. Here are a few ways we can use your volunteer talents:

  • Donate jail supplies
  • Host a Red Tent educational event in your home or business

Click the contact us button, and we’ll get right back to you with more details on how you can serve!

Contact Us

If you have non-monetary donations, would like to volunteer or are interested in further information about Red Tent, please click the button below: