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Lesley Lumpkin

Sewing Instructor

Lesley Lumpkin was born and raised in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, FL. Lesley was raised by her grandparents whom were foster parents for over 30 years. During those years Lesley developed a skill, a heart and a mind for caring and loving individuals that were in need of nothing of than genuine love. Having foster sisters throughout her childhood brought so much joy in her life, it became natural to assist her grandparents and mentor all the young girls whom entered their home.
Lesley holds an MBA in Business Management as well as a Minor in Business Fiance. Lesley served 4 years in the United States Army as an 88M, Motor Transport Operator, transporting personnel and cargo all throughout the country Wurzburg, Germany. Lesley has been a licensed Barber and licensed Cosmetologist for over 12 years and have managed many high end salons throughout Pinellas County.
During the pandemic, Lesley became unemployed. At that time, not knowing anything about sewing, she purchased a sewing machine and took a twelve hour sewing class making protective masks and protective head gear for medical personnel. Throughout the years 2020 through 2021, Lesley made well over 10,000 or more pieces of protective gear, built a rapport with many medical facilities and made donations to All Children's Hospital, the Center for Equity and many others.
Lesley is married to an entrepreneur, they own RL & Sons Professional Services, a 20 year professional paint company. Lesley has a beautiful blended family; seven sons, three daughters and seven grandchildren. She enjoys family backyard gatherings, working out, cooking and date nights with her husband. She's energetic, happy and most importantly a people person.