Sarah Baile

Sarah Bailie

Guardian Ad Litum

Sarah Bailie is an educator by training, but her career focus has been primarily centered around working to serve young children and young adult women. Her work has taken her to various areas in the United States as well as to both China and South Africa, where she served children and young adult women through programs that focused on educational and life skills training. Her passion is to find ways to educate through learning and skills that can ultimately assist these children and women in conquering the cycles of poverty. In the United States, she worked in the classroom for three years in addition to the overseas programs while she worked on furthering her education in counseling then shifting her focus to children in the foster care system in Florida. For the past several years, she has worked closely with foster children and their families desiring to assist in helping young women find stability to be able to reunify them with their children.

Currently, she serves as a Guardian Ad Litem for the State of Florida, sits on the board of several charities serving young women in crises. As a mother of two children, wife of an entrepreneur, an educator, and a counselor, she sees her role as fighting for children and women to emerge from the shackles of trauma and poverty to thrive in ways they could not imagine for themselves and their families.