Here’s how you can support the services Red Tent provides to lifting up women.

Financial Support

The generous support of our donors allows us to administer the in jail program and then continue to work with the women once they are released. Research has shown that recidivism is strongly impacted when an in jail program is coupled with the aftercare program. Your dollars allow us to do both. Just click on the yellow “donate” button to the right to make your donation. Thank you so much.

Non-Monetary Donations

  • 7 additional yoga mats are needed for yoga classes in the jail.
  • Bookcases that donor can deliver to a Pinellas Park site.  3-4 bookcases are needed.  Date is yet unknown when needed but expected to be in Fall 2019.

Because of our current transition, we are not accepting donations of material items at this time other than those listed above. We expect to resume in June and will be accepting fabric, thread, embroidery floss and fill only.


You can personally assist Red Tent in our mission with your time and talents. Here’s several ways we can use your volunteer talents:

  • Support for moving Red Tent – We need help in moving items out of the Red Tent store space in the month of June 2019. Dates and times are not yet known but we’d like 5-6 people that we could call on to help when needed. A truck is a plus.
  • Organizers: We need a couple of people to spend part of a day sorting, organizing and inventorying items Red Tent is keeping from the shop for the jail program.
  • Ask organizations you are involved with to feature Barbara Rhode, Founder of Red Tent, as a guest speaker. This can be church groups, community centers, civic groups & anyone you think might be interested in a fascinating and heart touching story of hope and inspiration.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – this position communicates with volunteers to match their interests and talents with the needs of the organization. Training provided. Approximately 4-6 hours a week.
  • Writer – A professional writer to write press releases, articles, edit and any writing that needs to be done for RT. Approximately 10 hours a month.

If you have non-monetary donations, would like to volunteer or are interested in further information about Red Tent, please click this button.